Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Moving on...

I know I should post more to be considered a regular blogger or any of that stuff.... but what's the point of posting if there's nothing worth writing about... quality over quantity, right ;D

Anyway - my big news - I have a new job and flat in a totally different area to where I am at the moment! It's brilliant, I spent all that time searching for jobs with nothing coming to fruition but then my grandad came through and has offered me a job and apprenticeship with his company! So I shall be working and learning and becoming more qualified at the same time :D I'll be studying NVQ level 3 in Business Administration (so rock and roll I know). This means that I'll be moving and I have already found and started moving in to my new flat - two dbl beds and twice the size of my current place for not much more than I'm paying now.

The best thing is that this is all happening back around where I first grew up! I've managed to come full circle in where I've lived - England, Scotland, N./ Ireland, England and I'm hoping that it's a bit fo a sign for good things to come :D

I'm upbeat, hopeful and looking forward to the future and all that I'll be able to achieve now I've managed to find a way out of this rut - everything happens for a reason, if I hadn't tried to make it on my own so much grandad would have never thought I was worth taking a chance on and offered me this opportunity. So keep your head up and keep trying and you never know what could happen!


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