Saturday, 16 July 2011

Where did you come from??

It's amazing, in such a small flat I managed to collect a LOT of rubbish! I'm blaming my mum for some of it though.... the minute I moved she came down with a load of stuff that she 'thought was mine' and dumped it on me... half of it belongs to one of the other sisters but mum just saw the opportunity to get rid of stuff outta her house so I have to now deal with the repercussions!
I still have the not-yet-packed kitchen staring at me, if I didn't need to do it asap I'd admit defeat and leave it be :P Add this on to the organising of the furniture so that the larger stuff can go first and I'm in trouble - no wonder I woke up early, my body knew what needed doing!
I hate moving... really hate it!! I love that it means I'm going somewhere new but the process sucks! I think my ability to procrastinate to the nth degree doesn't help, I always put things off until the last minute (I mean, hello, meant to be moving today and I'm writing a blog!) I try to fight it, not even kidding, I KNOW I shouldn't be on this and typing away, but I seem to have a block that just stops me. Well, I'm gonna try again.

To my friends - I won't be back on until Wednesday afternoon/evening as that's the day the phone line/internet engineer will arrive.


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