Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Comfy now :)

So I've settled into my new place rather quickly. I think I just have that sort of way with me - once everything's how I like it (took me all of Saturday evening & Sunday Morning) and I know how I'm getting to work etc I'm suddenly as settled there as if I''ve always been there.

My route to work is pretty good to - 5 miles cycling to get there.... the first bit goes past an army barracks so I get to watch the poor people doing their exercises whilst I pedal past (not that I'll complain about the view mind ;D) It's quite nice but I'm still such a country bumpkin that I get nervous cycling on busy roads so do the bad thing and stick to the paths as much as poss - I'd rather annoy pedestrians than tangle with a car :S

Another important part of moving somewhere new is getting to know the place and doing something to make you socialise so you're not alone in the big wide world. Luckily I grew up in this area so have got back into contact with some old friends who lived in the same village as me or went to primary school with me - but on top of that I've decided to take up Martial Arts lessons at a place just 20 mins walk away. As much as I like to laze around on the odd occasion I'd start to feel too lazy so being able to go out and do something (on top of the cycling) is a good thing for me & I'm not just talking physically... I want to avoid the lazy mindset to!

As I mentioned before, I grew up in this area and I can definitely feel that I'm more relaxed here than I was previously. If we add on to this the fact that I'm back near the coast where I always love to be and I think this is the start of a good bit of my life for me. I can sit in the office at work and all of a sudden the breeze will bring me a waft of salty sea air (not the nicest smell, granted) and I'm smiling. I have a few family members nearby who can pop up (or I can pop down) for the day and I know my way around already and don't have to google map everything.

All in all people I'm just happy with my lot in life at the moment - I'm out of the rut and moving forward and can't wait to see what comes along :D


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Where did you come from??

It's amazing, in such a small flat I managed to collect a LOT of rubbish! I'm blaming my mum for some of it though.... the minute I moved she came down with a load of stuff that she 'thought was mine' and dumped it on me... half of it belongs to one of the other sisters but mum just saw the opportunity to get rid of stuff outta her house so I have to now deal with the repercussions!
I still have the not-yet-packed kitchen staring at me, if I didn't need to do it asap I'd admit defeat and leave it be :P Add this on to the organising of the furniture so that the larger stuff can go first and I'm in trouble - no wonder I woke up early, my body knew what needed doing!
I hate moving... really hate it!! I love that it means I'm going somewhere new but the process sucks! I think my ability to procrastinate to the nth degree doesn't help, I always put things off until the last minute (I mean, hello, meant to be moving today and I'm writing a blog!) I try to fight it, not even kidding, I KNOW I shouldn't be on this and typing away, but I seem to have a block that just stops me. Well, I'm gonna try again.

To my friends - I won't be back on until Wednesday afternoon/evening as that's the day the phone line/internet engineer will arrive.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Moving on...

I know I should post more to be considered a regular blogger or any of that stuff.... but what's the point of posting if there's nothing worth writing about... quality over quantity, right ;D

Anyway - my big news - I have a new job and flat in a totally different area to where I am at the moment! It's brilliant, I spent all that time searching for jobs with nothing coming to fruition but then my grandad came through and has offered me a job and apprenticeship with his company! So I shall be working and learning and becoming more qualified at the same time :D I'll be studying NVQ level 3 in Business Administration (so rock and roll I know). This means that I'll be moving and I have already found and started moving in to my new flat - two dbl beds and twice the size of my current place for not much more than I'm paying now.

The best thing is that this is all happening back around where I first grew up! I've managed to come full circle in where I've lived - England, Scotland, N./ Ireland, England and I'm hoping that it's a bit fo a sign for good things to come :D

I'm upbeat, hopeful and looking forward to the future and all that I'll be able to achieve now I've managed to find a way out of this rut - everything happens for a reason, if I hadn't tried to make it on my own so much grandad would have never thought I was worth taking a chance on and offered me this opportunity. So keep your head up and keep trying and you never know what could happen!