About Me

There’s really not  much to say about me but here goes:

I’m 25 and currently studying/working a business admin apprenticeship with hopes of doing well at it (pretty much most people’s hopes really ;D) I’m also a qualified beauty therapist after studying in Belfast.

I love reading and, as sad as this sounds, would much rather read a good book with a cuppa next to me than go out clubbing (although a few drinks with friends at a pub’s alright by me!) On top of this a lack of generous funds in my account means that it’s the cheaper/only option available to me most weekends… god I love that excuse.

Taste in books wise I’ll admittaht it's only recently that I've become more open-minded about which books to read and will go to more than one section in a bookshop. However,  whilst I will try everything once, I’ll remember if a few choices in one genre were bad and so will usually avoid that genre in future. This definitely accounts for Young Adult books – I outgrew them a while ago but in a bid to stay open I decided to go back and read some and they were really predictable in their teenage-like ways that I ended up hating the characters and imagining the many different, more gruesome ways I could write them out!  As such I now avoid YA sections, sorry, but that’s just me.

Recently, thanks to a Dusty Bookshelf challenge & reading group I've joined, I've found myself reading more of the classics that I never got around to when I should've. As you can see by the long list of books on the 'On My Shelf' page I have quite a few of the biggies to go - as well as my long-awaited Game Of Thrones series which I really can't wait for!

Anything else about me…. Oh yeah, I’m tall, big footed, live with a demanding three-legged cat and frequently walk into town so that I can sit in a local coffee shop with a good book :)