Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Comfy now :)

So I've settled into my new place rather quickly. I think I just have that sort of way with me - once everything's how I like it (took me all of Saturday evening & Sunday Morning) and I know how I'm getting to work etc I'm suddenly as settled there as if I''ve always been there.

My route to work is pretty good to - 5 miles cycling to get there.... the first bit goes past an army barracks so I get to watch the poor people doing their exercises whilst I pedal past (not that I'll complain about the view mind ;D) It's quite nice but I'm still such a country bumpkin that I get nervous cycling on busy roads so do the bad thing and stick to the paths as much as poss - I'd rather annoy pedestrians than tangle with a car :S

Another important part of moving somewhere new is getting to know the place and doing something to make you socialise so you're not alone in the big wide world. Luckily I grew up in this area so have got back into contact with some old friends who lived in the same village as me or went to primary school with me - but on top of that I've decided to take up Martial Arts lessons at a place just 20 mins walk away. As much as I like to laze around on the odd occasion I'd start to feel too lazy so being able to go out and do something (on top of the cycling) is a good thing for me & I'm not just talking physically... I want to avoid the lazy mindset to!

As I mentioned before, I grew up in this area and I can definitely feel that I'm more relaxed here than I was previously. If we add on to this the fact that I'm back near the coast where I always love to be and I think this is the start of a good bit of my life for me. I can sit in the office at work and all of a sudden the breeze will bring me a waft of salty sea air (not the nicest smell, granted) and I'm smiling. I have a few family members nearby who can pop up (or I can pop down) for the day and I know my way around already and don't have to google map everything.

All in all people I'm just happy with my lot in life at the moment - I'm out of the rut and moving forward and can't wait to see what comes along :D


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