Friday, 15 April 2011

What to do...

So we have 2 looong weekends coming up in a row and I'm trying to think of the many things I could do to fill my time as there's only so much cleaning/domestic goddess chores I can do before my flat starts begging for mercy.

The fair is coming to the Rye from the 22nd to the 2nd so that could pass a sunny day or two and with an unlimited cinecard I could drag some people to see some films if it's not so sunny but I realised something else...
 .... as I don't have the relevant office works on my laptop I'm unable to beta my friends work at home which means I won't feel too guilty for abandoning it and getting my own writing back into gear - it was put on hold for a while due to lack of time and other commitments but with a pen, pad of paper and enough time to myself it's already started to make some seriously decent progress! I will take a whiel before I'm happy to post the rest of it up on it's site because I'm just too darn picky but trust me, there's lots of it to be typed onto computer and uploaded (hence why I'm kinda putting that part off!)

So that's at least 11 books I need to read, plus my writing, plus free entry (or just an extra £1.50 for 3D) to films AND finding out that the pub near me stocks Desperadoes which means my summer is planned out pretty well - a happy social life and being a hermit rolled into one summer!

Any more ideas anyone has to add to the list ;P

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