Saturday, 29 January 2011

Pinstripes and Glitter

So, this morning, I went out and did it... I bought a suit for Monday's interview... black with a slight pinstripe look. It took some trying on and I sensed that the fashion for suit jackets are not for me (short jackets when I have a long body) but I have a matching suit and lots of pretty shoes at home that can be worn with it!

I'm not good at clothes shopping by myself, never know if the clothes look good on me or anything like that, but it fits, looks smart and that's all I need for an interview suit I guess. I much prefer being able to get someone else's opinion as all I see are the flaws and everything that makes the suit look terrible on me. I need to know that they aren't visible to anyone but me and I look alright enough to be let out in public ;D

On top of a new suit I also painted my nails (boy do I wish I had a camera instead of explaining) Like a french polish but with some gold glitter along the line where white tip meets pink base. It looks rather cool imo, though I'm quite sure a professional could've done it a lot better.

It's definitely one of the things that I think help me in an interview, my confidence boost that can be seen by an employer. Obviously experience, personality, knowledge and ability also go a fair way to helping cinch the deal. I'm going to be reading up on the company, try to understand what they're about, what they do and what I need to show these people I can do!

I guess, basically, what I'm saying is that I think doing the small things: new outfit, fun nails, bit of make up will give me a slight spring in my step when I walk in the room and come across to the employers. It's not really for their benefit as much as it's for my own. Something I think other people should look into if they ever have a moment of doubt... it's a tried and tested method - treat yourself and have a happy feeling, it doesn't even need to cost loads!

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