Thursday, 27 January 2011

Perfect Timing... unless crossing a road!

So I received a phone call almost immediately after I stepped foot outside work yesterday - it was someone getting back to me asking me in for an interview next week - I don't ever want to turn down a phone call about this with the request to call me back later just in case it comes across as aloof or just plain rude, how do I know they're calling me just before they leave the office?

As it was I answered my mobile, said that I was free to talk and tried my hardest to be happy, confident and seem like I held the market on telephone skills.... all whilst trying to cross a road on a corner avoiding drivers who seem to forget what indicators are for, I think I may have failed slightly, but I did end the conversation with an apology if I seemed a bit disconnected (explaining that I was walking home/negotiating main roads) Hope that worked somewhat.

So I've booked off the whole of Monday (emergency dentist) even though the interview isn't until the afternoon so that I can have a lie in before making sure I'm as fully prepared as possible for this interview - that means my weekend will be spent swotting up on the company like mad. Saturday I'm going to try and see if I can walk to and from this place on a daily basis - just to ensure I still get my daily dose of fresh air and exercise (pedestrian hating drivers be darned!) Obviously I'll be nicely dressed on Monday so a Taxi there and a bus back will happen then.

I don't want to talk to my friends etc about this too much just in case I jinx my chances of getting it, because it would obviously have NOTHING to do with my actual skills or experience ;D

But I just thought I needed to talk about this somehow, even just venting on a random blog that gets lost in the internet ether!


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