Friday, 28 January 2011

The little girl inside of me...

It can be hard to believe for people who have just met me or see me walking through the shopping centre but I have one heck of a girly streak in me like you wouldn't believe! I love the beauty side of things, especially nail art, and I'm a qualified beauty therapist, but I went on the course to scratch an itch and found it was scratching in the wrong blinking place (nowhere close to nails :O)

I can take some serious pride in my looks - not necessarily first thing in the morning when all I'm doing is going to work at a lovely place that is quite informal so full make up and a suit are not required - but if I'm going out or just feel in the mood to look good I will - I have a beauty case almost bursting with makeup and nail polishes just waiting to be used. But you'd never guess from just looking at me on a street during my 'normal' days, heck I'm even writing this up whilst wearing baggy (unintentionally so) jeans and my old, purple Matt Hardy t-shirt!

My greatest pride is in my nails, not for any reason other than they are nice, healthy and are pretty good at letting me do what I want with them. I have only once had false nails and that was back when I was 11 and they came in a box from Superdrug or something with glue that stuck my big sister's fingers together (I didn't laugh... much!) Since then I've never seen a need for them on myself, my own nails are perfectly practical for what I want to do, just long enough to look rather feminine (in my opinion) but not too long to become impractical for someone who's rather hands on. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not anti tips, acrylics or gel nails... quite the opposite in fact, I want to be a trained nail technician (I'm saving up slowly but surely to go on all the right courses and get the proper qualifications) as well as a nail artist, I just don't think my nails need any additions because they are, currently, perfect for me!

Some people don't like their nails, have issues with growing their nails or just want them to be better and those are the people that I would love to work on. In my mind having nice nails is a pretty good step to feeling good about your appearance in general, if you can go out knowing that every single part of you looks good it gives a great feeling. I think that every person deserves that sort of feeling even if it's by doing something as small as painting a friend's nails before she goes out on a date, she leaves with a smile on her face and it carries on.

So, hopefully, I can become qualified and work as a nail technician (even just on weekends for a while) and give someone a small bit of a confidence boost. Until then, if you see some tall, lanky girl wandering around in tomboyish clothes, take a closer look at her nails ;D

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