Monday, 17 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions going away with the flying pigs.

So I decided to make a NY resolution or two this year.... last's year's giving up alcohol went rather well (7 months then the mothership turned up at my door with champane to celebrate renting my own place - how could I say no?) My first was to eat healthier and cut out takeaways, second was to cut out sugar in my coffee (I'm sure I used to not have any) third was to sort out my life in regards to job and boyfriends (get a new/better paying one and get one!)

Now I would just like to start off by saying that, in this current working climate, I am grateful to still have a job when there are so many people out there who have a lot less than me... but this is my blog for venting about my thoughts and ideas, so sorry if you may feel insulted by my whining ;P

The company I worked for was a nice, small, friendly company, then it got taken over - but the people who came in are still lovely and nice, jsut a bit more professional and snakey saleslike :S My only issue is that not only am I on the same pay I was on 2 years ago but they then hired on people on 3 grand more than my friend (who started the same time as me and has yet to receive a pay rise) and 2 grand more than me.

Pay really is my only major issue with this place, I cannot keep surviving by eating next to nothing over weekends and just hoping tea and buttered bread keeps me full enough until Monday!  I swear, if anyone needs tips on how to cook cheap meals to last them a week I'm the gal to speak to :D

In one way it's a great life experience, teaching me to keep an eye on my money, be able to survive on just over £100 a month for food etc... in another - I'm 24.... I want a social life of some description!! However, that is being sacrificed in the search for a second/weekend job for this week I shall be handing in my CVs with cover note to any random shop whether they want it or not! I want to be able to save up some money at the end of every month and it'll be very hard for me to spend the money I earn if I'm working a lot of the time (I've done it before I can do it again!)

My thought is this though: In order to achieve part one of my 3rd resolution I can't see part two happening, and I wouldn't really mind having a boyfriend at this point in my life (nothing too, dramatically serious mind :D)

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