Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas reading and absence

I have a buddy read going on for over Christmas - we shall be reading 'Emma' by Jane Austen. My eReader has been prepped and the mains charger has been delivered and checked to work.Why do I need a mains charger, I hear you ask? Because, dear friends, I'm not taking my laptop up to Scotland with me. I know, it sounds crazy, but I'm going to be in middle of nowhere in Scotland with no mobile phone signal, internet or other modern life necessities so a laptop is rather unncessary.

This means that I'll be away from you all from this afternoon (21st Dec) up until January 3rd (I'll be travelling back down on the 2nd). Hopefully that'll have given me enough time to read through Emma so I can join my buddies to chat about it (notes shall be made on Mimi throughout the read!) on Goodreads.

On top of this I recently entered a Waterstones competition to read (and then review on their site) a pre-released copy of a new book by a new author. Due to be released in April I found, in my mail on Saturday, 'Flesh and Blood' by Mark Peterson. The blurb on the back of the book sounds encouraging and I can't wait to get around to reading it (after Emma). The review shall be posted up on the Waterstone's site first (as is only polite) and then I shall wait a few days before putting it up here.

I hope you all have a lovely holidays (whatever you celebrate) and a fun New Year. I shall see you all in 2012 folks with my NY resolutions made and a good excuse for fresh starts :D

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