Saturday, 1 October 2011

First Blog Award!

My first blog award and I haven't even been reviewing books that long! Thank you to Lindsay from The LittleReader Library for thinking of me and my little blog space on t'internet!

I love writing this blog and reviewing all the books that I read as it encourages me to focus on the books I'm reading even more and allows me to put my thoughts across too (not that I need any halep on that matter.

The Rules Are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the awrad to you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Send it along to 15 other bloggers & let them know you have awarded them.

7 Things About Me: 

1. I have two gerbils called Chaos and Mayhem.
2. I love singing but not in front of other people.
3. I'm aiming to teach myself to speak German.
4. I live on my own and am very independent.
5. I have now lived in 3 of the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom.
6. I'm a qualified beauty therapist.
7. For some reason I always fall for the bad guy (with morals/conscience) in films - they shouldn't make them  so sexy!!

Now on to the best part - passing the award on to those who deserve it!

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  2. From The Shadows I Review
  3. Chocolate Chunky Munkie
  4. Rea's Reading and Reviews
  5. Basically Books
  6. Book BagLady
  7. Intoxicated By Books
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  11. Raspberry Books
  12. Pen To Paper
  13. Pages of Gold
  15. BookSpark
Apologies if you operate an award-free blog - please just accept this, without having to repost, as a token of my love for your blog.

One last thing - THANK YOU to everyone who follows my blog and takes the time to read and comment , I love you all for it because it means so much to me :)



Lisa said...

Thank you I appreciate your comments and your award. Thank so much. Lisa

kimba88 said...

Thank you! I gave a shout out to you on my facebook:
and on twitter: @kimbacaffeinate

Tara- Jayne said...

Thanks :D

Jeshu~ said...

tHANK YOUUU!!!! :D :D :D This is my first award <3

Anonymous said...

Congratulaions, hun. I'm proud of you :)