Thursday, 8 September 2011

Upcoming Books

To let you guys know what's coming up in the way of book reviews on here I thought I'd make a list of the books I have and, apart from the top 6, the order they'll be read and reviewed in.

  1. The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt
  2. The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes
  3. Jamrach's Menagerie - Carol Birch
  4. Snowdrops - A.D Miller
  5. Half-blood Blues - Esi Edugyan
  6. Pigeon English - Stephen Kelman
  7. The American Dream Reversed - Bianca Philipp (
  8. The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo
  9. Nemesis - Jo Nesbo
  10. The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbo
  11. The Redeemer - Jo Nesbo
  12. The Snowman - Jo Nesbo
All 12 are either on my bookcase or in the process of being delivered so I reckon this should keep me out of mischief for the next few months, don't you ;D After that I'll see what I have hanging around and take suggestions too.

As a special note - Bianca Philipp is a good friend of mine who's just had her first book published, once I receive my copy (not signed *sob*) I'll get onto reading and reviewing it... as I beta'ed it to this should be an interesting read - please feel free to buy it using the link provided. (I am not being paid for that plug, but my normal fee is choc chip cookies!)


Lisa said...

My husband loves Jo Nesbo. he picked up a few at the lost luggage store in Alabama that had not been released in the US yet. Thanks for stopping by Book Him Danno. Thanks Lisa

Anonymous said...

You'll get it signed the next time we meet, promise :)