Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bob Moore: Desperate Times by Tom Andry **possible spoilers ahead**

The second of Tom Andry's Bob Moore series definitely starts off with a bang.

We find ourselves in a world that relies upon 'Supers' to keep the peace and fight crime suddenly facing the prospect of a life without Supers.  The first chapter kicks off with a catastrophic event that introduces us to the Big Bad that it seems no one can stop (no kiddies, not even our own Superman - scary, huh?) and has every Super dying or running scared, which in turn will have the 'Tippys' (that's us non-superpowered folk) even more scared as it seems there is no one to save them.

This book starts off with a tragic event  that has everyone on high alert and rioting in the street and our favourite PI trying not to be thrust into the middle of it all, despite his ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are introduced to new characters (along with some old) that will either annoy you or have you hoping for something that could happen. It isn't until about halfway through that things become more personal and Bob takes more of an interest in stopping the Big Bad whilst finding out answers of his own.

Ever since the first book - Bob Moore: No Hero - I enjoyed the idea of his world where Supers first started appearing in the 70s, changing the way their world and, more subtly, the technology available to tippys works. It's close enough to us to be believable but at the same time is a giant enough step away to draw you in to a fantastical world.

Andry has created a 'real' PI with all his flaws, his dislike for stereotypes and his damaged past that encourages the reader to empathise with him. This second book focused even more on Bob's friendship and his broken marriage and lost child. I found myself really hoping that everything would have a 'Hollywood ending' and turn out for the better in this case, but with so many twists and turns on the way (and such an amazing revelation!) I feel that this was definitely the better way to end this book.

With a non-stop, action packed storyline I found it rather difficult to put this book down to go to work - once it picked up speed it didn't stop until the end. In Bob Moore Andry has created a character who could go on for a long time yet, and in this world he has created it almost seems to the reader that the possibilities really are endless. The characters, even the supers, are fleshed out and made real with their certain flaws (a love for drink, a superiority complex) and this makes for great reading when you have a PI who knows all the different angles to use on them. Now if only I could get the job as his next assistant!

I will say one thing - Tom Andry is a meanie... and he knows why ;D (you will to once you read this book!)


Tom Andry said...

Thanks for the great review. I was really trying to put together a much tighter and more cohesive story. I'm glad you liked it so much. Now, off to work on the next Bob book.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Thanks for sharing..i am going to check out the first book in the series..since I am anal about reading them in order. :)

Buzz_B said...

Thanks Kimba! You definitely need to read them in order, hope you enjoy them :)